Product List and Pricing

Oversized shopping, beach, school, or travel bags from sustainable sources 29×21 with 35″ handle, some with reclaimed buttons, beads, shells, bells  or other trim                                                                                    $15

Scarves — wool, linen, velvet and silk-lined                                    $10-$50

High-end designer upholstery remnant pillows.  Cotton filling.  Many in linen, raw silk, or other naturals.  All hand-created, and limited-edition.                                                                                              $15-$25

Oversized deck, boat, and Yoga pillows from sustainable jute designs.  Cotton interiors.  Mitered edges.    Perfect by design!                               $25

Over-sized oilcloth  luchbags, petite lunchbags.  All one-of-a-kind $10/$7

Coffee can purses lined with jute.  Perfect for Vegans & strict vegetarians!  Some with bamboo handles.                                                                    $10

Cigar box purses with bamboo handles                                                    $15

Sculpted Jute  Coffee Bean Rapper Doll — all one-of-a-kind                   $15

Deleaded and painted reclaimed  windows                                      $35-$120

Nightshirts — custom made (up to XL — your material) or stock            $25

Poet’s shirts — custom made (Woman’s 8-14– your material) or  stock   $25

Red Wigglers worms — great for composting and fishing                     $25LB

Starter package of composter worms                                                   $08.00

Perfect day fishing package                                                                08.00   

Kiddie  worm terrarium                                                                         $10.00

Giftwrapping                                                                                              $1.00

UPS available at additional charge.

PayPal accepted

All prices subject to RI 7-% tax                                 

 401-781-0381 10-5, M-F, Eastern Standard Time

NoMoWally’s in the Bag!

PO Box 100033



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