Check out the story of “The Hole in the Bag.”  As it turns out, that’s not fiction.  But it could have been.  Todd is real — and so is the story about the how the hole gets in a coffee bag. 

  But it’s a great example of the format and storytelling power of FlashFiction! 

  So submit your coffee-themed, 100-word-or-less, pieces today! 

Once-a-month NoMoWally will dedicate this space to a items of Flash Fiction with a Java-based theme.  Dig out your cyber pens, conjure up your best work, and rack up those publication credits! 

Flash Fiction is noted for its extreme brevity (100-2000 words) and its powerful storytelling capability (IE: Hemingway’s Six Word Story “For Sale:baby shoes, never worn.”).   Each piece must contain all standard story elements, including a Protagonist, conflict, obstacles, and resolution. 

Send Submissions by the 10th for publication for the following month to:  Include the word SUBMISSION in the subject line. 

You can also find us here:


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