The Story of NoMoWally’s in the Bag

Thanks for being GREEN, It really DOES matter!


The Story of NoMoWally’s in the Bag


  “Hey Russ!” hollered Mike across the quad, “You got a Wally I can have?” 

  Similar requests billowed from a windows and doorways time-and-time again as I strolled through the Harborside Campus of Johnson & Wales University during my ten year tenor there as an English Professor. 

  I caught up to Mike on that brisk Fall afternoon, steeled my nerves, and asked Mike, just what a “Wally” was?  He chuckled at my embarrassment — pondered the possibilities of very playing a very naughty practical joke on me.  Then, perhaps, he recalled his grade for the trimester had not yet been submitted….

  “It’s a BAG, Zan,” he said, “You know.  A plastic BAG,” he said sounding as if he’d like to spit at my lack of “hip.”  “I gotta’ do laundry.  I need a bag. We call ‘em “Wally’s.”  He shook his head in disbelief and walked away. 

  I finished my stroll across the quad thinking about this new form of college commerce.  Russ needed to shop. Mike needed to do laundry.  But the bags were everywhere…in the trees.  On the street. And in the gutters.  And it was Mike’s and Russ’ future — blowing in the wind. 

  It takes 1,000-years for one polyethylene bag to break down. Russ will likely consume 1,500 of them PER year* in grocery shopping alone.  And that’s not counting his renegade trips “to the Wally.”

  The bags have now been banned almost everywhere in the world, or there’s a steep price for their convenience, as a result.

  Sara Kite, the Recycling Manager for RI Resource Recovery Corporation proposes a twenty-five-cent fee per bag with a nickel credit when you bring your own.  Amy Rice-D-Portsmouth already has a three-cent rebate for those who bring their own bag in the works and added a five-cent tax for plastic bags to begin mid-2009.  Plastic bags are scheduled to be phased out by July 1, 2010.   

  And so, NoMoWally’s in the Bag was born.  Created from reclaimed coffee bags, real jute (an environmentally friendly and easily sustainable product), and reclaimed findings, all are one-of-a-kind items.  They hold up to 35LBS — That’s a whole trunkload of groceries and they pay for themselves in no time flat…just a few months.  Once you try one you’ll be delighted …they won’t shred your bread or your lettuce!!!  They’re perfect for the beach, for book bags, to keep a blanket in the trunk.  Tote your garden tools or camping equipment easily!  Dad won’t mind bringing a few diapers along because — well — they’re not covered with little bunnies.

  We hope to add rice bags to the line soon.



  *American Audubon Society



   Our pillows are created from reclaimed upholstery ends and findings from high-end interior designers and from real sails from vessel from all over the world.  It is salvaged before it was tossed into the landfill, and supplies are always limited. 

  Windbreakers are created from reclaimed sails from real vessels as sails are available.  Supplies are always limited.

  Our windows are deleaded, painted and sealed and sold at cost.  We can hang them for you. 

  Our coffee can  and other specialty container purses are perfect for Vegans and strict Vegetarians.  Some with bamboo handles and jute linings. 



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